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Goy (unknown - unbekannt)

Goy was born 30/7/02. She came to Sarnelli House in January 2003. She is the youngest of 4 girls. Her 3 elder sisters now live at Vienghkhuk Girls Home. Goy's mother died from AIDS and Goy has tested positive for HIV, although her sisters are all negative. She will have to be retested at 18 months to confirm the HIV diagnosis. Goy's eldest married sister cared for all the girls when their mother died, however she was having great difficulty doing this and requested help from a Catholic sister who referred her to Fr. Shea. She was underweight and had a chest infection when she first arrived with her sisters, but she is now improving and putting on weight. She loves to smile and be cuddled and is the youngest baby in the nursery at Sarnelli.

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