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Dtong (Sudarat Rehtong)

Dtong was born on September 22nd, 1997. She was brought to us by her grandmother and aunt. Her parents are working in Bangkok. Several months prior to her arrival here (October 4, 2005), she was brutally raped by a friend of her father. She hospitalized for days, recovering from injuries she sustained. Her parents didnít even bother to return. When she went home, her schoolmates jeered at her for being raped, and villagers should no pity, either.

Although no one except several members of the staff here know what happened to her, she still must go to Udorn hospital for blood tests to see if she caught either an infection or AIDS from the thug who raped her. She is a lovely young thing, and we hope she can live a normal life.

Voor Dtong heeft zich tot op vandaag nog geen sponsor bij ons gemeld. Grijpt u a.u.b. deze gelegenheid aan om geborgenheid en geluk in het leven van dit kind te brengen.

Hoe kan ik helpen?
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