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Medication costs a lot of money. These kids need their daily medicine. Here is how to save lives.

Helping the people of E-saan for more than 30 years.


The complete story of Tiffy and all other kids.

There is Michael, King, Jay, Ta-Dam, Alec, Cebo and all the other children. It's a big family and each of these children have a story to tell, as a rule very disheartened stories.

Like the one of little Lu, she is 4 years old and an aunt brought her to Sarnelli House, because Lu's mother died of AIDS and nobody wanted the small girl. There she stood in front of our door and cried her little heart out. She told us that she would only be here for short stay, because her mother will come later on to take her home. We tried to explain to little Lu that her mother is now in heaven with our Almighty Father. Lu did not waste any time and immediately gave us her answer, "Yes, yes, I know, but that is no problem, Mom has been many times in Chiang Mai and Bangkok and she always came back to me to take me home".

All the stories of this children are full pain, grief and despair.

There is Ta-Dam abused by a "buyer" and may likely be visually impaired of gray star. There is Michael, he was left all by himself by his father. It was to late to save his life, he died in the age of 6 years. But at least he spent the last months of his short life with friends and care. There is Ice, she first learned in Sarnelli House, one does not have to eat and play alone, nor to fear or avoid the people around him.

All the stories of this children are full pain, grief and despair.

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