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Reverend Michael Shea, C.SS.R
Father Shea is Redemptorist, he was sent to Nong Khai about 35 years ago. Here he is caring for the poorest of the poor. This lead to a orphanage for girls (Viengkhuk House) and for boys (St Patric). He is pastor of the catholic community around Nong Khai. He is well-known by everyone, and whenever help is needed, he is around to help. His latest project is the Sarnelli House.
Mother Pae is the center and the drive of Sarnelli House. Together with Father Shea she supervise Sarnelli House. Mother Pae is keeping a sharp eye on the tight budget, to make sure it will be always enough money around to take care of all the children. She is the first one to know if any of the children is feeling sick and she is always there to comfort the children.
Gung now works at Sarnelli House as the House Manager. She and her husband live at St Patrick's, the boys' home about 2 km from Sarnelli. Gung is very competent and easy to get on with. The children respond well to her kindness, and the staff find her very approachable. She is another great asset to Sarnelli House.
Emm is just everwhere around the house. In the morning she wakes up the children, assist with the morning bath and getting dressed, changes diapers, and she still have time left over for cuddling or watching TV with the kids. She is always around.
Dijab she is doing everything. Washing, changing diapers, cleaning the house, cooking, you name it she does it. But she always have time left over to listen to the worries of our kids.
Baeo came to Sarnelli House in mid of january 2003. She saw how her sister Gratae liked it and since she is living alone (and she loves children too) Father Shea didn't have to ask her twice to work here.
Baeo is like a mother for all, and she really likes our little kids so the "baby house&auot; was the right place for her.
Ooi has been working at Sarnelli for almost 2 years. She is one of the primary carers of the children and works nights. She has just completed a 6 month nurse assistance course at Udon Thani. She has also been trained to give out the regular twice a day medicines for the children. Ooi is bright and happy and shows her love for the children in the games and the fun she has with them.
Kwan lives at Viengkhuk Girls Home and works at Sarnelli House Monday to Friday, teaching the little children and the sick children who do not go to school. On the weekends she cares for the girls at Viengkhuk. She is very gentle and quiet, and the little ones love the school time with her.
Por has also completed a 6 month nurse assistance course at Udon Thani. She works with Ooi in the evenings and nights. Por is caring and quiet, and the children can't help but respond to her kindness.
Dawan, together with Prajad she look after the youngest occupants of Sarnelli House. The youngest is just a few months old, Dawan is the born mother, gentle, slightly round and full of love - exactly the right person to cuddle with. And that is what the youngest need, more than anything else.

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