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1st Anniversary of Michael
Medication costs a lot of money. These kids need their daily medicine. Here is how to save lives.

Helping the people of E-saan for more than 30 years.


The complete story of Dong and all other kids.

The week of July 21st, 2003 is the anniversary on the incident which led to this website.

Exactly one year ago Michael died, after his struggle for life had exhausted all of his powers. Left behind by his family, but in the care of the community at Sarnelli House. After a life of suffering he found eternal peace.

His death was not in vain, because it started a lot of events, manifested by the growing family of friends of Sarnelli House. We succeeded in raising attention for the project and get support for the good work, Father Shea is doing here.

But this cannot be enough, with all our might we search for more help, Sarnelli House is getting too small. Almost weekly new children arrived here, in need of the care and custody of Father Mike and his helpers, but there is almost no room for them!

While we are mourning for Michael, don't let us forget all the other children who died before and after him. For example Fon, the small girl who died just 4 days later. In the age of 6 years she died, after she lost her father due and her mother, because of her severe illness. Nobody could take care of Fon and so she was brought to the Sarnelli House.

Please help us to provide a future for the children at Sarnelli House.

How can I help?


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