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Greetings from hot and humid Thailand!!
I was in the U.S. for three weeks, and returned to Thailand on August 11. For a while, I never thought I'd make it back to Thailand. I learned of the bomb scare with the Brits while trundling down the highway to Milwaukee airport. I met a nice young lady who told me of the problem, and told me to take no liquids, etc., on my carry-on luggage. Hers was the last friendly face I saw until I reached Bangkok. I went to the security check-in, and things began to unravel. There was this red faced, wild eyed female screeching instructions and threats over a megaphone. Old people got confused and scared. They all but stripped us to our skivvies before finally letting us through. Minneapolis was worse, just before we got on the silver coffin. There was another PMS candidate there that looked like Phyllis Diller on steroids. She didn't need a megaphone. One poor Japanese was fiddling with his cell phone when she came screaming out "YOU GOT A CAMERA! PUT HAT CAMERA AWAY! PUT IT AWAY OR I'M GOING TO CALL SECURITY!!" The guy was startled but slowly put it away as the rant continued. Not satisfied, the witch mounted her broom and came down the nervous line of would-be boarders, snarling at one woman with a baby "You got to take a swig of that! It could be a bomb!" The mother told her it was breast milk, but was forced to taste it. Next, she accosted a big Viking of a woman with a baby, and "WHERE'S YOUR MILK??" The Swede glared down at her and pointed to her mammary gland and said: "Here it is. You gonna take a swig?" I was unable to contain a burst of laughter. She came floating to where I was and screamed "WE ARE NOT HAVING A GOOD DAY HERE!" Finally, the NWA security people danced her off to behind the counter, where she kept raving on.

We de-planed at Tokyo 12 exciting hours later, to find that the tentacles of Homeland Security reached the folks at Narita. Security, but more amusing. Stern security people formed us into three lines and it was Bataan all over again. Those of us who had brought water off the plane were singled out, and one sweet little thing told me she was going to pitch my water. I told her it came from a NWA plane, but she drew herself up to her full three feet, and told me the water had to go. It was a relief to finally get to Bangkok and see a friendly face.

I went right from the Udorn airport to the Nongkhai hospital to see my 13 year old Miss Lyn. She is just a skeleton. I confirmed her and prayed and gave her chocolate malted milk balls. I hugged her and told her that so many people in the U.S. love her and are praying for her. She received this news gracefully, then snarled "and where is my gift?" Her intestines and liver are in bad shape. It is so sad. She was raped at the age of 8, and forced to work as a virtual slave.

Almost all of the 121 kids were waiting when I came home from the hospital. I announced that I had brought back enough for everyone for another trip to the mall. I was everyone's hero. I'll never fly again.

Again, fervent thanks and prayers from us all, priest, staff and kids!
Father Shea
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