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Dear All,
This is just a note to tell you that I will be heading for Wisconsin USA on June 4. We have to build a dorm for the girls, and also will need a vehicle for our expanding Outreach Program. I have no idea as to how successful it will be. I will be trolling for shekels there for 10 weeks. (The first three weeks are medical. I have again developed skin cancer; my diabetes is not improving that much; some high blood pressure despite lifting weights and biking; macular degeneration and glaucoma! Getting old sure is fun).

I will return to Thailand on August 16. Until then, I will be using , during my stay in the U.S. the e-mail address: frmike@kerry-hills.com (Kerry Hills was the name of our Aberdeen Angus farm. The house is sold, and they bulldozed the farm buildings last month. But my brother uses this for his e-mail address, and so as I while at home).

Say a prayer I keep my mouth shut about my feelings about George Bush, his government and policies. People are warning me about my sense of humor while I am home.

The kids are back in school (praise Jesus!!), and only 8 of the smallest and sickly cannot attend. July we get three babies; two of them twin girls. Pray the mothers give safe births,and the kids do not become infected with their mother's blood. If those twins come to us, they will be the most spoiled children in the country!

Again, thank you all for making these children's lives as normal as possible, considering their circumstances. Say a prayer the doctors can wire me back together again! God bless you and yours!

Gratefully, with love from us all!

Fr. Mike
Father Shea
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