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Happy Easter!

Dear Friends,

A belated Happy Easter! And a Happy Thai New Year! We have some good news for a change! We hopefully have weathered the worst with our TB scourge. The 8 wee ones who had contacted TB are now happily back in their refurbished nursery and of the 19 in quarantine at the House of Hope, 15 returned to their buddies Easter Thursday. The other four are not faring well with their recovery, so will have to stay quarantined at the House of Hope until May 17, I believe. This is not necessarily bad for them, since they have two rooms with air conditioning. They can turn on the AC and enjoy a decent night's sleep.

Thai New Year started Tuesday, and ended Friday. The roads were crawling with drunks throwing water (and throwing up) and talcum powder at each other. The cops turn a blind eye to gambling, which takes place for about five days (Gambling is against the law here). On the first day of Songkran ( when people throw water at each other for three to five days)! got on my bike and rode from Pai Si Tong to Don Wai and back. Every woman, teen and kid with water got a shot at me (including my own kids, who were overjoyed at getting me going and coming). I even had to get off my bike to squat down so the wee ones could douse me.

On April 24-28, most of the kids will be going to Pattaya for an excursion. The babies and tots won't get to go, and neither will the five in quarantine. We will rent a bus this year. It is safer and also the vehicle is air conditioned. We are already praying for a safe trip, and that no one drowns or gets sick.

Again, we thank you and pray for you and yours. We ask the Good Lord to grant you all the graces and blessings the Risen Christ has won for us. God bless you!

Father Mike Shea
Father Shea
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