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I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and may the good Lord bless you in the New Year! The kids had their Christmas party on the afternoon of Dec. 25, together with Santa and all their gifts. They ate and danced and sang until way after dark. It has been very chilly, and downright cold up here during this period. Dec. 26-29 saw them back in school. On Dec. 30, they went camping in the foothills of Nong Seng ( 2 hour journey from Sarnelli House) until noon of January 1. This year was especially nice, for the fact that all the children are healthy and well. Even Miss Lyn joined the festivities. She is well on here way to health, to the point that one of our Buddhist doctors who took care of her and had told me that she would not make it, exclaimed “There really is a God, isn’t there?”.

People have expressed confusion and distress that our directions for making donations are not clear enough, and that they really do not know how and where to send their financial help. So as to clear up all doubt:

  1. Those in the U.S. are urged to use either the foundation at Denver or the new foundation I set up last summer. The Denver address continues to be :
          Rev. Pete Schavitz CSSR         
          1230 S. Parker Rd.
          Denver CO 80231
    The new foundation set up by my brother Kevin :
          c/o Ms. Maggie Shea
          N 5350 Ledgetop Drive
          Fond du Lac WI 54935-9668
    (both of these foundations can give tax deduction slips)
  2. Those in Europe can use:
          HILFE-AKTIV e. V
          c/o Matthias Herholtz
          Am Sandberg 47
          60599 Frankfurt
    (let Matthias know if the donation is for sponsorship for a child, and the child’s name, plus YOUR street address).
  3. Also, ANYONE can send their donation directly to our bank in Nongkhai:
          Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited
          Tha Sadej Branch (295)
          Account: Saving
          A/C Number: 295-0-01542-5
    Account names:
    Mr. Michael Shea (NOT Fr.); Ms. Boonchan Lasa; Mrs. Wimon Thammawong
These, then, are the only safe way to send money from now on. If you have any doubts, e-mail me at: mshea@loxinfo.co.th or sheamick@gmail.com

Also, we will be removing the designation of our children as those with or without AIDS. The UNHCR people have warned us that designation of a child is now against the law.

Again, thank you so much for your generosity and concern toward our kids.

Fr. Mike, Staff and all the kids
Father Shea
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