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Sarnelli House
Medication costs a lot of money. These kids need their daily medicine. Here is how to save lives.

Helping the people of E-saan for more than 30 years.


The complete story of Choke and all other kids.

Sarnelli House is presently staffed on a full time basis by 8 female staff to look after the children and 2 male workers responsible for the general maintenance around Sarnelli House. The office duties are handled central for all projects by Father Shea in St. Patric, the orphanage for boys. In addition comes a physician once a week to Sarnelli House, to examine and to adjust the medications for the children.

The staff is working seven days per week twenty-four hours per day on a shift system. The Sarnelli Team is trained to show patience, compassion and love for all the children in there care. For the children, who are to sick to attend the local school get private schooling in Sarnelli House. In a big family as Sarnelli House, there is always a lot to be done, and the most rewarding part of it all are the happy smiles of the children.

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