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Phuket and Sarnelli, a nice pair
Wolfgang and Gert from Phuket - the creators of this website - came all the way to Nong Khai (abt. 1000 miles) by car. Wolfgang who had been here before had a chance to see the kids again. Gert, who knew the children only from working on the website www.sarnelli.org, was touched by the way the kids welcomed him. It definitely makes a big difference between just reading about the children and meeting them face to face.
Wolfgang, once again, brought another big donation from our friends from the southern part of Thailand. The biggest fun for the kids was the "bear" a piggy bank from the "Flying Handbag", a bar in Patong Beach. Cebo found the matching key, a hammer, and opened it with one "big hit". Pure old "piggy bear" in pieces and another 2546 Baht for the kids, all in small coins suitable for buying "ka-nom" and all this tasty little sweet things in the nearby mini-mart.

On the same day John and Fong from Phuket arrived here for a short visit with toys and another donation, enjoying a nice day out with our little rascals. There was still enough time left for a meal and a chat with Father Mike. Thank you guys for visiting us and hopefully to see you all back here soon!
New Year in Paradise
At a New Year's Party in the Paradise Complex in Patong Beach one of the guests spontaneously organized a donation drive for Sarnelli-House. Peter from Scotland (from where else could have he come from?) didn't get tired talking about Sarnelli-House and handing the donation box around. The result of the night a remarkable sum of 7,613 Baht! Thank you Peter for your hard work, and all the people for their contribution.

(picture on the left)
Peter at work
Christmas eve at Sarnelli House
In the church of St. Patrick (Father Shea's Orphan's Home for boys) a Christmas celebration was held on December 24th. The children of both orphan's homes, the community of Pi Si Thong and the children of Sarnelli House were invited to join.
The preparation took all day long, decorating, tinkering, songs and dances were studied a last time, because the service should just be the start of the evening. A group of girls wanted to perform a traditional dance and was made up accordingly and changed to the local gala clothes.
About 6 in the evening everyone went to St. Patricks, leaving behind only the youngest ones. They had their christmas celebration last sunday, especially organised for all children at Sarnelli House.
The service began with the reading of the christmas story, performed by the elder children. Everything was well known like at home, just the sermon and the songs were in Thai language. After the final song everybody went out to the small stage in front of the church. There was enough room for all of us, and as usual at any festivity in Thailand, there was a plenty of food for all.
Father Shea initiated a competition: All kids should create something which had to do with christmas. The most favourable theme was the star of Bethlehem shown in many variations. The kids of Sarnelli showed the stable of Bethlehem, Ying being Maria and Jay performing as Joseph, with a puppet as Jesus Christ and three shepherds. This idea was honoured with the first price. The competition was followed by performances of all kind, Santa Clauses throwing sweets at the spectators, styled boys as disco kids, traditional Thai dances.
Everybody had lots of fun, and the evening ended not until 10 o'clock late.
To be infected with HIV or having AIDS does not mean to be excluded from everything. Love and care help THESE kids to LIVE in joy.

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