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Yet another birthday
Blue Dolphin Sauna hosted a birthday party for Marcel, and at the end of the day the donation box was well filled with 4,800 Baht for the children at Sarnelli House! Thank you all!
Ban is getting better again
A long time we were really worried about ban. He lost weight, and only by persuasion he wanted to eat. It looked all the like Michael. Tuberculosis, Menengitis. Apathetically he sat with his friends, not interested in anything. We all were preparing for the worst.
It was touching to see how everyone - young and old - was caring for little Ban. Now it looks as if he is recovering. His appetite is back, he is more active now his happy laughter is back, too.
We all are grateful about this!
Michaels Room
The Tasadej Cafe in Nong Khai had a opening party for the "Michael's room" on September 22nd. The name is to remind everyone of Michael, a dutch-thai boy, and of Sarnelli House where Michael stayed for the last weeks of his short life. He died in July 2002 due to AIDS.

The opening of "Michael's room" was attended by a lot of people and a donation of 2,200 Baht was collected. Thank You all!
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