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More children at Sarnelli House
During the last four weeks four more children were welcomed at the Sarnelli-House. Phiau, Pat, Pe, and Ben are growing up in the love and security of the Sarnelli community. It didn't take them long to feel well under the care of all.

Father Shea, who is in America right now to raise funds, will be back next month. He is trying to get enough money from his friends and sponsors to pay for the expenses in the next year.

Little Ban is at the Wattana hospital for treatment of meningitis. He is always in our minds.

Our donation boxes in Phuket and Nong Khai are picking up! It is good to see how many people are willing to help if they are addressed directly. The boxes are mainly at places, where foreignors go, our targets are hotels, restaurants, and guesthouses.
Our little Fon
Only three days after Michaels death, little Fon died very unexpected. If we could have provided help earlier, we may have prolonged her live for so much longer. We will always remember our little Fon.
Silent Tears and Sorrow
At 5:15 o'clock this morning, little Michael died, he was only 5 years old. For him, all our help came too late. His death should be a sign for all of us to act more intense to help - now. We will always remember him.
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