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Extension work at Sarnelli House
As we reported earlier, Sarnelli House is getting too small to accommodate all the children in need. In spite of all publications and documentations on TV, the number of children born with AIDS or infected later is still on the rise (see the history of Jawn!). So this extension had to be build, since there was not enough room for all kids to sleep.
The "baby house" was planned and constructed to be extended, just the "small money" was missing... Father Dick found a sponsor for all the construction costs, and so it began last month, and we hope to get everything finished and ready to move in by march.
In the meantime, our babies moved to the Boy's Orphan's Home "Si Thon".
Following the example
Like at the Red Onion before, now there are more birthday parties in Karon in favor of the Sarnelli House. Peter of "Cafe Servus" usually closes his restaurant on King's birthday. This year he held a barbeque party and the proceeds of the evening together with a collection on his birthday a few days later summed up to 6,300 Baht for our kids. Thank you very much, Peter!
Holiday season - Donations' season
High season is starting in Thailand, more and more guests are coming.
One of these guests, Piet from Rotterdam, came here for a short vacation, and he brought the results of his summer actions and the bingo night (we wrote about this) he held at Cafe Keerweer. The amount of 800 and the good exchange rate summed up to a donation for Sarnelli of 38,144 Baht! Our sincerest thanks to him and especially to the guest of Cafe Keerweer, who contributed to this St. Claus present for our kids!
We want to say Thank You to all friends, who show their good mood in their holidays by a donation, letting our kids have a share in their joy and happiness.
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