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Edinburgh Marathon in favour of Sarnelli House
As he promised earlier this year, Peter took part in the Edinburgh Marathon lately. It was not for a great sportive success, but for charity. About 3,000 runners started there, and many of them wanted to raise attention for various charity projects. Peter was running for the Pattaya Orphanage and the Sarnelli House.

While the first runners finished after about three hours, it took others up to eight hours to complete the race. Peter had left about 300 runners behind when he reached the finishing line, but what is most important, he cashed in about 1,300 English Pounds for the two projects. This amount will be shared equally between Pattaya Orphanage and Sarnelli House.

We all want to thank Peter for his ongoing efforts and we are happy to welcome him in Nong Khai, where he wants to pay a visit to Sarnelli House and have a look at what is going on there and how the money is spent.
Peter from Edinburgh did it again!
Peter, who made a good job with his collection tour in the past New Year's Night in Patong, did it again! Now, he is back home in Edinburgh, but he did not forget the children of Sarnelli House. In Edinburgh he and his friends organised a charity day. It started with a treasure hunt, where participants had to visit every bar, in order to get a clue, how to continue to the next bar. But there was more: The customers and the staff of the bars donated easter eggs for sick children in the hospitals in Edinburgh, and a super raffle and a karaoke competition attracted even more people.

Everybody had a great time, and in the end all donations added up to 2,000 Pounds, which were evenly divided between Sarnelli House and the Pattaya Orphanage Trust in Pattaya (East Thailand). Sarnelli House received 67,682.23 Baht. The money is sufficient to pay the school fees for all the children for the next six month!

We all thank Peter and Gordon, the manager of the Habana Bar in Edinburgh, who made all of this possible. A big thanks to his staff and all the customers, without there help the donation drive would never have been such a great success!

There is even more to come: A "donation run" on June the 15th. John, the assistant manager of the Habana bar and Peter, participate in the Edinburgh Marathon, again in favour of the children in Sarnelli House and the Pattaya Orphanage Trust. We will let you know what happened that day...!
Suspected tuberculosis at Sarnelli House
Ta Dam and Deep are isolated from their friends at this time, because of suspected tuberculosis. Both are staying at a new house. This house was built for the staff near St. Patrick's, and there are some isolation rooms as well. This place is for kids, who should not come into contact with the others because of the risk of an infection.
Both of them are very sad to be seperated from their friends.
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