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Alec is back in hospital
Alec still has problems with his foot after the operation. Because of an infection he must go back to Bangkok, mother Pae will be with him. We all hope the best for his recovery.
Sarnelli House is running out of room
Since January 2003 eight new children (Goi, Bum, Fai, Doy, Ieu, Choke, Keedee and Lieo) found a home at Sarnelli House, three more are to arrive soon. There is not enough room for all of them, so Mother Pae has to put beds in the common room. But still, no child will be turned away!
Since we got more staff now, the care for the children is guaranteed, but everyone of our charges needs a place to sleep. And by the way, more staff means, we need more room to accomodate them. When the "babyhouse" was built, it was planned to be extended and the structure is strong enough to support one more floor. But this extension is needed earlier than expected.
Sarnelli House is well known at all authorities in the area, and whenever a HIV/AIDS infected child needs care, they think of Sarnelli House. They just want to get rid of the problem, there is no support for Sarnelli House.
Everything is planned, the construction might start immediately, if there was enough money...

James Calder
Whenever James tells me, he would like to go to Sarnelli House again, I know that a major donation can be expected. It happened again last Saturday, when James handed an amount of 10,000 Baht to Mother Pae.
James Calder is a Canadian, aged 71, who has been living in Nong Khai for many years. He heard about Sarnelli from our activities. Since he has been there with me, he returns to Sarnelli House frequently.
Even people in his age turn into children again, playing ball, sitting on the floor with the kids - opening their heart for them.
People like James Calder and many others keep the project going.
Thank You very much, James...

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