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About us - The makers of this website

We are 3 "farangs", who either retired in Thailand or know the country and the people of Thailand by travelling. We heard about the project "Sarnelli House" and decided to help within our limits.
Our intention is to raise attention for this project and convince others, that neccessary work is done here and to make them support Father Shea, too.
Please help us to help here.
More about:  Gert Uwe Köther
 Wolfgang Siebeck
Erik Kuijpers from Netherlands chose Nong Khai as a place to retire. He has been living here for a few years now, and incidents in early summer 2002 about Michael brought him into contact with Sarnelli House. He was the first one to give a sponsorship to one of the kids (Ice), and since that time he takes part in what is going on at Sarnelli House.

His help for this website is invaluable, he does all translations to dutch, and he gives us a lot of informations, which he brings back to Nong Khai on his frequent trips by bicycle (!) to visit Ice and the other children at Sarnelli House.


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